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Customer Safety Policies

The Process

 Here at Angelic Artistry, we take pride in creating a relaxing and peaceful environment for our customers.
Please scroll down the page to read about our three main policies below.

Customer Comfort  I  Sanitation  I  Quality

Customer Comfort

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Customer Comfort is a main concern here at Angelic Artistry. To ensure comfort, we use topical anesthetics in all our procedures.

It is our policy to numb our customers both before and during theit procedure. While some discomfort may still be felt, we strive to make every procedure an enjoyable one.


Applying Eye Makeup
The materials we use in our procedures are always brand new. We are purely a 100% disposable facility. Any piece of equipment that must be sterilized is NOT reused. Our materials have never been used before and they will never be used again. The only item reused is our tattoo gun. This eliminates any possibility of cross-contamination.


Applying Makeup
Our studio only uses the best pigments. We use Premier Pigments which are a more natural and healthy choice than common iron oxide inks. We do not use these common pigments due to their ability to cause complications in certain medical procedures. The health and comfort of our customers is our studio's main concern.

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