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Photo Gifts

 We offer many photo gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Many of our photo gifts can be created in around 30 minutes.

Send a Photo

There are several ways to send us a photo. 

• Bring in the original photo

• Bring the photo in on a flashdrive or CD-ROM

• Sent the photo by email
(Send it to

• Send the photo from a cell phone
(Send it to 618–922–4872.)

We do not recommend...

• Bringing in a camera card
(We have to scan through photos individually. We will only use a camera card if there are less than 75 photos on it.)

• Bringing in a cell phone card
(Our equipment does not read cell phone careds. Texting the photo is an option though.)

• Bringing in a home printed photo
(Photos printed out on a home printer can be used. However, the image may scan in blurry or distorted.

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